When Findhelp needed to quickly expand their hiring networks and team, they partnered with Carex on a subscription recruiting plan. Over a nearly six-year partnership, we’ve placed over 75 candidates at Findhelp, so they can focus on what they do best—powering connected social care and better assisting people and communities.

The Challenge

Rapidly scaling skilled teams

Thousands of nonprofits and social care providers serve their communities, but for many people, navigating all these resources can be difficult and time consuming. Findhelp, the nation’s leading social care network and the organization behind findhelp.org, prides itself on connecting people who are seeking help and the verified social care providers that serve them. Their network makes it easy for people to get the food, shelter, healthcare, employment, and financial assistance they need.

Amid rapid client and partner growth, Findhelp’s internal teams needed to scale as well—from Implementation, Customer Success, Community Engagement, Sales, and more. And to effectively support their clients, anyone joining these teams needed to not only be productive, but also possess deep healthcare knowledge and passion for the organization’s mission. They needed a rapid, effective, and affordable way to bring in these specialized candidates—that’s where we come in.

The Solution

Dedicated recruitment support that scales with you

When Findhelp engaged Carex in 2018, we implemented our subscription-based recruitment platform. We jumped right in, quickly getting up to speed with the intricacies of the business and company. Before long, Findhelp had a partner who was an extension of their Talent Management team—and a trusted resource for their hiring managers. In addition to our dedicated recruitment support, the organization was able to pull from candidate searches for over 200 other Carex client partners, many of whom were healthcare technology firms with similar candidate pipelines.

On behalf of Findhelp, Carex screens potential candidates for both skillset and company culture match and handles all administrative duties—from capturing video interviews, to scheduling hiring manager interviews, to conducting reference checks. Weekly tactical check-ins with hiring managers ensure we’re always in alignment with the organization’s needs and priorities.

As Findhelp has evolved over the years, so has their partnership with Carex. By working closely with their senior leadership, we’ve been able to flexibly scale our solution up and down to account for peaks and valleys in hiring needs, all the while ensuring proper “fit.” Our goal has always been to ensure that our services are cost-effective for Findhelp, and that each candidate we submit meets both hard and soft qualifications and seamlessly integrates into their great culture.

The Results

“They’re an extension of our team”

Since partnering with us in 2018, Findhelp has received over 500 resumes via Carex for top-tier candidates and has hired over 75 of our experienced candidates across numerous functions—Implementation, Customer Success Management, Account Management, Marketing, Community Engagement, and Production Support. Findhelp continues to rely on Carex as a trusted recruitment partner and plans to expand their relationship this year.

“Carex has been a great hiring partner for our organization. It would have been a much larger challenge to grow our team without them! We love working with Joy, our recruiter. She listens to what we’re looking for and evolves her approach based on our needs. She’s like an extension of our team.” ~ Findhelp Director of Customer Success