We’re here to help you kickstart your search!

The first steps to finding your next career opportunity are much the same regardless of the stage of your career or whatever situation prompted your new job search. There’s a lot to consider, but know that we’re here to walk you through it!

Career Pivot Checklist

Update your resume

Update Your Resume

This will be the very first order of business (we know…UGH!). But it’s more than just having something to apply to jobs with. The process of writing your resume can assist you in identifying both prior experience you’ve enjoyed and things you may not want to do again. It helps narrow in on your “non-negotiables.”

Our Hot Tips:

  • Avoid paragraphs—bullet points are best!
  • Focus on the results of your work (e.g., “Created X which resulted in Y”).
  • Use keywords from the job description(s) you’re interested in, and list technologies, methodologies, and software you’ve used.
  • Proofread, proofread, and ask a friend to proofread!
  • Start with a heavy content one, and then you can always pick/choose the most relevant information to add to specific roles you’re applying for.

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Update Your LinkedIn Profile

Now that your resume is complete, updating your LinkedIn profile is actually quite easy. A lot of the info you just compiled will be reused, and you get the opportunity to add some personality to it!

Check out these resources:

Start Networking

Start Networking and Connect With Carex

We are always happy to provide insight and feedback about your resume(s) and profile(s), as well as keep you on our radar. Think of us as a friend keeping an eye on the market for you!

  • Take a look at our open roles here!
  • Make it your goal to reach out to 5 people in your network/day. Think of prior colleagues, relatives, neighbors, and friends that might be able to put in a good word or make connections for you!

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Polish Your Interview Skills

Practice makes perfect! From what to talk about to what questions to ask, to even what comes next—brush up on all your interviewing skills using the resources below:

Job Interview
Keep Track of Your Efforts

Keep Track of Your Efforts

Your job search can get messy if you’re applying to a lot of different roles in a short period of time. A simple Excel spreadsheet with date applied, follow-up, and contacts listed can ensure you’re on the right track and following up with the right people during the right timing!

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It’s Okay to Ask For Help

If you desire, you can also look into getting a career coach. Here are a few coaches we love: