Carex Consultant FAQs

In addition to traditional direct hire roles, Carex also offers contract/consulting positions. Curious about consulting but not sure it’s for you? We’re here to help answer all your questions! Each consulting company is a little different. For example, did you know that Carex provides our consultants with benefits? Here’s a rundown of what you can expect as a Carex Consultant!

handing paycheck

How much, and how frequently, will I be paid?

  • We’ll discuss your desired pay range prior to introducing you to the partner company, and it should not be modified after the interview process has begun.
  • In order to account for time off, your “salary” is calculated by multiplying your hourly rate by 1900 hours. This assumes 4+ weeks off for holidays, vacation, and sick days.
  • You will be paid for each hour that you work. If you take time off for vacation, holidays, or sick leave, that time off is not paid.
  • We are paid on a bi-weekly schedule, so you’ll get a paycheck every other week.
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How does time management work?

  • Accurate time entry is important—you will need to log your time weekly by the end of business each Friday.
  • You are paid time and a half for any time worked over 40 hours/week, but this extra time must be approved by your onsite and Carex managers.
  • You will follow the partner company’s holiday schedule (not Carex’s).

How is my performance evaluated?

  • Your daily tasks and regular feedback come from your direct supervisor at the partner company.
  • Carex provides feedback to you as requested by the partner company, and will check in with you monthly to ensure everything is going well and you have the support you need.
  • Leading up to the end of your contract, one of several things will happen: your contract may be extended, the partner company may offer a full-time role, or Carex will get to work finding a new contract with a different company.
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Will I have access to benefits as a Carex Consultant?

  • As a Carex Consultant, you’re eligible for our robust benefits package which includes health, dental, and vision insurance and a 401K account.
  • We can share a calculation of your estimate with you, if you request it.
  • You can opt into Carex’s short & long term disability plans and set up a flex spending account.
  • We regularly plan fun events to meet and get to know the rest of the Carex team!

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