Sure, we could focus on hiring for everything — but then again, that wouldn’t be very focused (and we like to stay focused). We work to fill roles in all industries, but we narrow our scope by concentrating on tech, marketing and sales, scientific and engineering, and executive roles.


Our niche? Top-level talent and forward-thinking companies.

It’s said that you can’t be all things to all people. While we tend to agree (we’re the most well-versed in the healthtech, insurance, and startup spaces), we’ll also say that having a particular industry niche would mean limiting our chances to work with remarkable candidates and innovative organizations.

That’s why our focus is simply working with smart, accomplished, and enterprising people on both sides of the hiring equation. Head to our career listings to see what we’re currently focused on:


We specialize in these skillsets:


Our placements have included systems engineers, programmers, IT technicians, database administrators, compliance analysts, business analysts, QA analysts, and more.

Marketing & Sales

We’ve placed sales executives, customer success managers, business development representatives, demand generation managers, digital marketers, communications strategists, and creative directors (just to name a few).


Partners ask us for help in filling a variety of top-level leadership roles — everything from C-Suite and EVPs to VPs and director positions.


Front-end, back-end, full-stack, middleware, web, desktop, mobile, software, DevOps, and CRM — if you’re a developer, we want to know you.

Data Analysis & Science

We fill roles for all things data: data analytics, data engineers, database administrators, machine learning engineers, data scientists, and more.


Calling all DevOps or platform engineers, build engineers, site reliability engineers, and product managers — we’d love to meet you.

PMO & Customer Success

From project managers and implementation leads to customer success and community engagement managers, we place talent that will help companies manage projects and retain customers.

Other Professional & Technical Skillsets

We work on a wide variety of technical and professional roles — if you don’t see your skillset or needs listed above, please reach out to us!


Featured Industries

Why are we drawn to healthtech, insurance, and startups? Because there’s a ton of incredibly innovative work being done in these spaces, all centered around making people’s lives easier, better, and healthier. To be able to connect these companies with equally amazing and passionate talent? It’s the stuff career matchmaking is made of.

Health Tech


Healthcare technology, also known as “healthtech,” describes any technology being developed to improve the healthcare system. Everything from how healthcare is purchased and hospitals are staffed to how surgical procedures are managed is now being streamlined and customized by healthcare technology. It’s an incredibly fast-moving and downright cool industry to be a part of right now.



Forget everything you think you know about the insurance industry. Today’s insurance and insurtech companies are focused directly on the digital-focused consumers they serve, which is driving massive change when it comes to insurance types, ways to purchase, and how to sell and market to those consumers. If you think insurance is boring, a conversation with us might change your mind.


Startups & Innovators

Working at a startup means moving fast, failing even faster, and having an all-hands-on-deck mentality — and that’s exactly why we love ’em. Startup life means plenty of opportunities and responsibilities for the right person, as well as the opportunity to learn from true innovators. (And Carex used to be a startup, so we know a thing or two.)