“Beyond Just a Recruiting Firm” │ Odeza’s Startup Success

Odeza, a TeleVox business + Carex Consulting Group
Navigating the market as an early-stage startup can be difficult, especially when it comes to finding candidates that can help scale your business. When Odeza needed help quickly finding specialized talent, they brought Carex on as their trusted recruiting partner.

Finding Carex

Odeza, a TeleVox company, is an all-in-one digital communication platform that connects patients and healthcare consumers. Back when COVID hit its peak in 2020, Odeza found itself in desperate need of specialized talent when they hit a product-market fit that accelerated their sales and customer pipeline. As they were still an early-stage startup at the time, they had no internal resources focused on talent acquisition and had drained their personal networks for potential candidates.

Odeza needed a recruiting partner to help them find candidates with highly specialized talent, specifically people who had experience with Epic and with interoperability for patient communication. They knew that Carex has a strong reputation and background in the Healthtech space in Madison, especially in Epic recruiting, so they reached out to our team for assistance.

The Experience

Entering our partnership with Odeza, the Carex team brought our signature approach to recruiting: very hands-on, responsive, and transparent throughout the entire recruiting process. We tried out new techniques and technologies and offered recommendations on recruiting strategies, compensation methodology, and competitive intelligence—things you can’t find with other firms in the market.

Ryan Feldt, Odeza’s VP of Operations, expressed that “Each candidate felt hand-picked, and Carex went the extra mile to make sure each candidate progressed smoothly through the process. Their timely communication, fast turnaround times, and regular check-ins helped us stand out as a high-quality company to candidates.”

The Results

Carex successfully placed several key positions within the first year of working with Odeza, helping them meet their increasing customer needs. Not only that, each of those Carex placements brought their own strong networks, introducing additional candidates into the fold as Odeza continued to grow and scale, until they eventually made a successful exit from the market.

In reflecting on the partnership, Ryan said: “To me, Carex always felt like a partner, beyond just a recruiting firm. I felt like they were part of our team and an extension of the Odeza ethos as an innovative, culture-focused technology startup.”