Bringing Tech Talent to the Midwest: Meet Enterprise Partner Manager, Katie Winn

Katie Winn and her kids

Our Partner Success team is growing, and we’re excited to introduce you to the newest member of the Carex Crew—Enterprise Partner Manager, Katie Winn!

An outdoor enthusiast, Katie loves biking and exploring Madison’s vibrant neighborhoods with her family, enjoying local festivals, live music (especially when Harry Styles is involved), and soaking in the lakeside charm. And when she’s not traveling the world, riding her Vespa brings a touch of adventure home.

Katie grew up in Wisconsin, but after completing her undergrad at University of Wisconsin-Madison, she moved out to the tech hub in California. While in San Francisco, Katie worked for industry giants such as Twitter, Tumblr, and Zendesk. From customer success and professional services to product enablement, she delved into diverse aspects of the software industry.

Most of her tenure in the tech industry was gained at Zendesk, a customer support software company. Her various responsibilities involved managing accounts and customer relationships, implementing software solutions, and enabling teams for success. After the birth of her first son, Katie and her husband were looking to buy a house and settle down, and she had the opportunity to take on a new role with Zendesk in Madison. Not only was she excited to help build out the Madison office, the move also meant they could settle closer to family, and she could bring all her tech experience back to the Midwest.

Post-Zendesk, Katie embarked on a period of part-time consulting, honing her skills and staying connected to the tech industry. By chance, she landed a job with one of Carex’s client partners. And when the opportunity to join the crew arose, she jumped at the chance.

There were a couple of key elements that drew Katie to Carex. “The number one thing is just the Carex culture. The people here on the team are so awesome, and so helpful…you can tell they’re really invested in the people that they’re trying to place,” says Katie. Our people-centric values and genuine enthusiasm for recruiting also matched Katie’s own values. “I’m really excited because the role is people and customer-focused, and I’ve always loved being able to build those relationships.”

When it comes to her new role at Carex, Katie is drawing on her extensive background in customer and partner success and working closely with our President, Matt Duffy, to support existing partners, manage relationships, and oversee consultant onboarding. Her expertise in customer-focused roles and account management positions her perfectly to contribute to Carex’s success in fostering strong connections between our consultants and partners.

Katie’s enthusiasm for her role at Carex is evident as she looks forward to contributing to the our expansion. “All of the partners I’ve met with have been absolutely amazing,” she says. “I’m really excited to build out those relationships and really get to know their hiring needs well, and as time goes on, be able to offer advice on their hiring strategy. Plus, I look forward to helping expand our footprint, and reach new teams we haven’t worked with before.”

As she charts new territories with Carex, her experiences promise a seamless integration of skills, values, and a genuine love for fostering meaningful connections in the ever-evolving tech landscape. We’re so excited to have you on the team, Katie, and can’t wait to see all you’ll accomplish here!


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