Culture Over Commission: Digital Recruiter Podcast

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Our VP of Candidate Relations, Theresa Balsiger, was interviewed by Clark Willcox on the Digital Recruiter Podcast! From sense of urgency to belief in long-term relationships to people-first mentality and more, this episode is chock full of great tips on succeeding in the recruiting industry.

Listen to the full episode:

Episode Summary

“Theresa Balsiger, Vice President of Candidate Relations at Carex Consulting Group, shares her wealth of insights on cultivating a phenomenal company culture and delivering an unparalleled candidate experience. With 16 years of recruiting under her belt, including stints in executive search and staffing, Theresa’s been there, done that – and lived to tell the tale.
Her secret sauce? A team-centric, performance-driven environment that ditches the cutthroat commission model in favor of a profit-sharing program that incentivizes collaboration, not competition. Theresa breaks down how data tracking, automation tools, and a casual, friendly approach are key to keeping candidates engaged without ghosting. From qualifying roles with candor to planting “karma seeds” that bear referral fruit, this is a must-listen for any agency owner or recruiter looking to scale sustainably while staying true to their values.”