Graduate School Skills to Highlight on Your Resume

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If you’re pursuing an MS or PhD in the sciences, you’re becoming an expert in your thesis research topic. In doing so, you’re also learning a wide range of both technical and “soft” skills in graduate school that will benefit you in your post-graduate career. We’ve listed some of the top transferrable skills to list on your resume below.

Technical Skills:

  • How to research a topic and dissect a scientific, peer-reviewed paper
  • Bench techniques that can apply to a range of projects/problems outside of your thesis research topic
  • Computational techniques for analyzing scientific data
  • Developing and optimizing laboratory protocols.

Soft Skills:

  • Written communication in the form of technical papers, posters, or review pieces
  • Verbal communication in the form of presentations, teaching, and networking at conferences
  • Sharing data visually
  • Mentorship—within the laboratory or as a Teaching Assistant
  • Project management
  • Integrity in research
  • Perseverance, resilience, and determination!

Remember: you gain so many skills in graduate school in addition to becoming an expert in your research project. We recommend highlighting some of these key skills that employers look for on your resume and LinkedIn profile!

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