Meet The Carex Referral Program

people holding hands under a banner that says refer a friend

In the dynamic world of job hunting and networking, referrals can often be a game-changer. That’s why we’re making it easy (and worth your while $$) to refer your friends to Carex.

But you don’t have to just take our word for it—here’s what longtime friends Arina and Priyanka thought of the Carex Referral Program!

Arina and Priyanka’s Story

Arina and Priyanka met in 2015 as coworkers and quickly became friends, and when they eventually moved on to new career opportunities they continued to keep in touch. Recently, our Vice President of Recruiting Theresa Balsiger reached out to Arina to see if she knew anyone who’d be a good fit for one of our open roles.

Arina immediately thought of Priyanka, who she knew was actively seeking new opportunities and had the right experience for the role. Despite being unaware of any incentives she’d receive from Carex, Arina enthusiastically referred Priyanka out of her desire to help her friend succeed.

Priyanka promptly responded to Theresa’s outreach, and a beautiful partnership was formed. Reflecting on her experience, Priyanka highlighted the Carex team’s efforts in swiftly arranging interviews and providing timely updates throughout the hiring process, stating that the team’s personal touch and transparency ensured she felt valued and informed at every step.

And the best part? The role turned out to be a great match for Priyanka—she wowed the hiring team and landed the job!

Theresa had let Priyanka know early in the process that if she was hired, Arina would get a monetary gift from Carex for referring her—she kept it a secret until the process was over and was thrilled to surprise Arina with the good news.

We’re ecstatic that Priyanka found her fit with one of our amazing partners, and so grateful to Arina for connecting us. Our team looks forward to continuing to partner with both of them in the future!

We Win When You Win

From our perspective, recruiting is about finding the right fit, not the might fit. We only win when our candidates and partners win—and if you helped us get the right people connected, you deserve to win, too! If you ever see a role we’re hiring for that looks like a great fit for someone you know, make sure to send them to Carex crew!