She has a Way with Words: Meet Our New Marketing Specialist, Erin Mowbray

Erin Mowbray

Erin Mowbray was introduced to Carex by her good friend from college, and Carex’s Scientific Candidate Relations Specialist, Andie Dumond. “I knew Andie had made a career switch early this year and joined the Carex crew. Hearing her talk about what a great company they are, both regarding the work they do, and the people who work here, made me so excited that she had landed in what sounded like a great workplace.”

Not long after, Andie told Erin that Carex was hiring for an internal Marketing Specialist position. “I was working in a totally different field, doing a very different type of writing. It took her a couple of months to convince me to apply, but once I’d had a chance to connect with the rest of the Carex team, I knew it was the move I wanted to make.” Now one month into joining the Carex crew, she’s thrilled with her decision.

A Midwest gal through and through, Erin was raised in Muskegon, Michigan, just a quick ferry ride from Milwaukee. Growing up minutes from Lake Michigan and its sandy dunes and beaches shaped many of Erin’s hobbies, from hiking and swimming to beach volleyball, and instilled a sense of adventure and love of nature.

After high school, Erin attended Michigan State University, where she graduated with a B.A. in Professional Writing: Digital and Technical Writing and a minor in Environmental Science and Sustainability Studies. Her goal was to use her writing skills and understanding of science and engineering principles to bridge the gap between STEM experts and the public. She started this journey halfway through college with CREATE for STEM Institute, MSU’s hub for STEM education research, where she worked her way up to Senior Content Writer. The three years she spent with CREATE was the foundation of her marketing and content creation career, and she loved every minute.

Following graduation, Erin packed up and moved out to Denver, Colorado with her now-husband, seeking an adventure. “We had no jobs lined up, nowhere to live, but we were determined to make it work.” To do so, Erin made a brief foray into retail management, then another into payroll and tax systems and support, but neither role held the same draw as content creation. “I wanted to tell stories. So many people have great stories to tell; they just need a little help finding the right words.” Erin started freelance writing on the side, working with experienced marketers and other clients to create meaningful content.

Missing family and the Midwestern landscape (lake-effect snow notwithstanding), Erin decided to move back to Michigan after a few years, landing a role as a Technical Writer with a medical device manufacturer. “It was my first real job pertaining to my degree after college, and I couldn’t have been happier about the opportunity.” Over two and a half years, Erin excelled in her role and was even promoted to an Associate Quality Engineer position. That’s where Carex comes in.

Erin joins the team as their first in-house Marketing Specialist. “I look forward to helping the team focus their efforts on developing a really strong marketing strategy and brand identity.” She’ll lead the team on everything content creation, from website and social media to ventures into email campaigns and videos. “Carex has a great story to tell, and I can’t wait to help them tell that story.”

Erin knows as well as anyone just how tough the job hunt can be. “When we moved out to Colorado, and basically all throughout our stay there, I submitted dozens upon dozens of applications for jobs in my field. I felt lucky to even get a response from places, even if they were a resounding ‘no.’ It really felt like shouting into the void most of the time. I could’ve really used a Carex back then,” she says.

One of the reasons Erin feels Carex can be so successful is because they excel at using their expertise to evaluate different skillsets and make thoughtful connections and placements. “I’m really in love with their transparency and their business model,” says Erin. “It’s so refreshing to see a recruiting company that works equally as hard for the candidate as they do for their partners. They are truly invested in getting to know both parties to ensure there is a great fit.”

We think Erin fits right in with the Carex team, and we look forward to working together!