Sisyphus Sundays? It Might Be Time for a Change!

Sisyphus Sundays

How do you feel on Sunday evenings? Are you like Sisyphus, gathering up the energy to roll a massive, metaphorical Monday boulder up a hill while knowing it’s going to roll back down and you’ll be feeling the same way the following Sunday? Or are you excited to jump in and tackle the challenging and rewarding work that’s waiting for you? If you’re feeling like Sisyphus, it might be time to consider a new career.

How do you know when it’s time to think about moving on to something new? Check out the questions below; your answers may help you decide if it’s time to explore new opportunities.

Is there an opportunity in your current position?

The types of opportunities that are important to you as an employee are influenced by your values and goals. What makes you excited about a job? Do you enjoy building your knowledge and skills in a certain area? How about connecting with new people? Are you a problem-solver who wants to be challenged? Do you want to develop leadership skills? Think about the types of opportunities you desire and whether they’re available in your current role.

Is your current job a good fit for you?

Are you and your job a good match? A job that was a perfect fit for you two or three years ago may not be perfect now. Maybe traveling for work used to be exciting and fun, but now you have children, and the idea of going home instead of going to a hotel after work is sounding better and better. Or maybe you’ve gained skills and experience and feel you’re not able to fully use your skills in your current role. Does your job fit you like a comfortable pair of running shoes? Or does it fit more like shoes that are two sizes too small?

Do you find meaning in the outcomes of your work?

How do you feel about the outcomes of your work? Do you feel your work has value and is having a positive impact? Do you think your work matters? Finding meaning in your work can directly impact how engaged and satisfied you feel with your job.

Job changes can be difficult; you’re walking away from a situation that is probably familiar and comfortable. But they can also be amazing. And energizing. And genuinely exciting. If you feel like you’re dealing with that massive, metaphorical Monday boulder every week, you may be ready to explore new career opportunities. Find one that’s a great match, and Sundays will feel like you’re already at the top of the hill, enjoying the view.